Project Evolution

The inception and development of the project from January - September 2019


The project partners formed ID: BABYLON in response to issues impacting teenagers today, including the rise of extremism and nationalism and issues around migration and the movement of people. Our vision for the project is the development of transnational identity and values and a sense of European citizenship for young people, which will help them to look beyond the borders of their origin.

Local Productions:

It was/n’t

Das Letzte Kleinod, 2019

For ID: Babylon the theatre Das Letzte Kleinod invited young people from different contexts to be part of the project, to participate in interviews or as actors. The young people have different cultural backgrounds and have been living in Germany for a lifetime or only for a few years. The youngsters interviewed each other and focused on a number of proposed questions. For the performance they chose parts of the interviews and developed new texts and scenes with the ideas about their identity and Babylon. Two members of the group originally came from Syria and have a very rich historical relationship to the authentic places and stories of Babel/ Babylon. Their contribution and the participation of each young person was essential for the development of the performance which has the title “It was/n’t”.

Ensemble: Omid Daoud, Oria Daoud, Viyana Dimen, Vincent Lenkeit, Jule Viebrock

Photo/ Video: Fin Rasch

Artistic director: Juliane Lenssen

Theatre pedagogy: Jessica Reyelts

Light/ Technique: Thimo Kortmann


Paths of Rain

Dialogue with young isolated minors

They left by burying traces. They left part of their childhood soul there. And their adolescence was sacrificed. After the journey, there was the discovery of the new country, the beginning of a new life. How were they welcomed? What future do they dream of? What memories do they keep?

We wish to make the languages and memories of each one of us heard in a choral story, mixing songs and words, to bring a universal echo to this sacrificed youth who has the hope of living and working with us.

Writing and dramaturgy: Jean-Claude Gal Light: Catherine Reverseau

Music: Rémy Gonin

Ensemble: Sidiki Doumbia, Emma-Laure Gros, Sayfeddin Haida, Ikhlasse Khamassi, Henock Mbelembe-Nginamau, Yaya Mahamat Ahmat, Obaïd Nour, Madhoini Nourouddine, Duling Phasavat, Josmar Pinto Machado et Bangaly Touré.

In collaboration with the Roger-Claustres and Camille-Claudel high schools la Cimade, RESF et le Service Université Culture

Greetings: Mme Anne Lachaud, director of Roger-Claustres High School, Nathalie Bernard et Gaëlle Rodrigues, teachers.


Won’t curdle with us

SNG Nova Gorica 2019

The Amateur Youth Stage (AMO) has been operating under the patronage of the SNG Nova Gorica since 1977 and with youth performances complemented the theatre’s programme while offering a chance to a number of gifted young people to develop their artistic talents. For ID: Babylon, We, a group of young artists from Nova Gorica, started researching who the Slovenian/European “enemies” are, who we are afraid of and who represents the so called “destroyers” of European culture. We took motives and content from various media and negative comments on social media. We thus created typical political conservatives or better people who don’t accept differences. The creative processes led us to the genre of absurd and black comedy.

Such must be the function of laughter. Always rather humiliating for the one against whom it is directed, laughter is, really and truly, a kind of social “ragging”. (Henri Bergson)

Ensemble: Nejka Berce Čeligoj, Neža Lozej, Rebeka Štokelj Hlede, Jakob Šfiligoj, Borut Petrović

Artistic director: Tereza Gregorič

Dramaturg: Tajda Lipicer, Urša Adamič Light / Technique: Samo Oblokar / Jonathan Černe

Sound: Jonathan Černe

Photo: Damir Ipavec


Café Europe

Glej theater, Ljubljana, 2019

Dobrodošli! Bienvenuti! Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome to Café Europe! Slightly decaying, mostly without sense, continuously lost and strongly divided. Let’s face our fears, play with our expectations, fall apart infront of the eyes of decaying Europe. We are cought somewhere in between. Who are we? Where are we going?

Tower of Babel builds itself and falls apart in front of our eyes. Café Europe uses different techniques of contemporary devised theatre, move, text and music. It builds mosaic of different and often contradictory position of young generation. Here and now. We are and they are. We are not and they are not. Everywhere and nowhere. Decaying self in decaying Europe.

Authors and performers: Anna Andolšek, Laura Antončič, Manca Dečman, Almedin Kajtazović, Tina Malenšek, Kaja Savodnik, Nina Žerdin
Mentors: Vid Klemenc, Anja Pirnat Costume designer: Mateja Čibej Researcher: Anja Pirnat

Photographer:  Neža Oblak

Video design: Borut Bučinel

Light design: Grega Mohorčič

Adviser for choreography: Klemen Janežič

Head of the technical team: Grega Mohorčič

Executive producer: Inga Remeta Produced by Glej Theatre


ID BABYLON: the London show

A collaboration with Potent Whisper, the Albany 2019

The British performance is a fresh artistic exploration of belonging, borders and Britishness in a white world, through a Black lens.

No set. No boundaries. Just our stories.

You can build our Britain but our Britain wasn’t built for you
You are illegal, I am a citizen
I am an expat, you are an immigrant

Ensemble: Maymuna Abdi, Peter Johnson (The Repeat Beat Poet), Tayo Olowo-Okere & Tendayi Mutongerwa.

Artistic Director: Potent Whisper

Producer: Kine Odegard



DelleAli Teatro, 2019

If one day our daily lives were to be abruptly interrupted? If suddenly what was a security for us was no longer there? If we were to have to leave our homes, our affections? If one day we were to leave all this towards an uncertain future? If one day we could no longer say this is my place? If one day we had to face a long journey of uncertainty and pain. If one day I could just say: I HERE.

A group of teenagers have been confronted about their present life, about their daily life that is often taken for granted, but that when everything is upset it disappears like snow in the sun, So who am I? I can look in the mirror. I can reflect myself in the stories of others. And to discover that those stories, many and different, can be (and have been and continue to be) our story: that of human migrants.

Ensemble: Dominique De Vincenzo, Clara Longo, Martina Mauri, Martina Tria, Alessandra Villa

Photo/ Video: by the ensemble

Artistic director: Alesasndra Anzaghi

Theatre pedagogy: Marzia Alati

Light/ Technique: Alessandra Anzaghi

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